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The Trilogy

This Flowers of Illumination Trilogy shows its readers they are never alone, no matter the magnitude or length of the darkness into which they may have fallen and now find themselves. In this darkness, unbeknownst to the traveler, one is on the path leading to a far brighter place than the one they have lost and involuntarily left behind.


The Cactus Flower is the first book in the Trilogy which depicts the spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical transformations for which tragic loss is the catalyst. The spiritual evolution taking place leads to the evolution of the soul – as the individual struggles, copes with, and ultimately rises above tragedy.


The books to follow The Cactus Flower encompass The Wildflower and The Lotus Flower, each of which show the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives. This journey’s outcome leads to a deeper understanding of one’s self, thereby allowing for a greater understanding of others. The change of perspective brings with it a higher level of consciousness.


Through the faith that is the constant companion along this journey, one begins to grow comfortable with the uncomfortable. It is God’s love that lights this path. It is His love that holds no thought of I, me, or mine.  This is the path upon which we see there is evil in good and good in evil. It is entirely filled with His peace and allows each of us to see the other as God sees us, which is the essence of the meaning of love.

The Cactus Flower is a story of deadly betrayal which reflects God’s intervention in the lives of the mother and daughter left behind. While carrying them in his right hand, He forged an unbreakable bond of unconditional love and protection – leaving them with a faith strong enough for the darkness.

I am inviting you to join me on the ascending path that leads to The Wildflower fields. Here, you learn that no one ever loses anything they really want to keep. As the path clears and steepens, you find yourself alone. There are no others around you, only the flowers in the field. The darkness that has kept you blind is finally lifting. As you see yourself surrounded by the flowers, you find that you have been given a second chance to, once again, see what incredible beauty still remains in your life.

The Lotus Flower is the third and final book in the Flowers of Illumination Trilogy, and the pinnacle of the author’s transcendent spiritual journey. It is a journey that began in a place of darkness with The Cactus Flower. Here is where the gifts of faith and unconditional love were reborn.

About J.K. Hetfeld

The author holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas [UNLV].


She is currently working on her second book, entitled: The Wildflower, which is part of the “Flowers of Illumination” Trilogy. In sharing her story, it is the author’s heartfelt hope that her readers will find the strength, faith, love, and courage that will, through God’s guidance, enable them to sustain and gracefully overcome any adversity they may be forced to face – whether in the past or the future.


The author currently resides in Florida with her husband and their kitty, Mr. Chocolate Chips.

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You are now on the path out of darkness. It is here you will begin to discover that you were never really alone. [See: Psalm 23]
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