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“Set your course toward the true and beautiful. Sail out into the glistening sea. Faith and Perseverance further your endeavors. Good fortune will follow.” J.K. Hetfeld

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Stepping into Unfamiliar Territory

I awoke very early this morning to begin my first new steps on a journey of unfamiliar territory! This is a brand-new path on which I find myself.

Coming out of my comfort zone and moving into a place where I will become a beginner again, which forces me to learn through trial and error, will entail making mistakes. This has always been very difficult for me. I grew up in an environment that disallowed making mistakes. I had to be good the first time out.

In growing up, when my dad attached conditional love to all of my activities, it was natural talent that managed to save me for many years. It was not until long after he was gone that I could see just how such an approach hindered my long-term growth. It made me afraid to try anything new. It was not until the fear of not evolving began to outweigh the fear of failure, that I was able to allow myself to freely make mistakes and try something new! It is such a good feeling!

Lessons Learned from Fear of Failure

  • Fear of making mistakes can hinder and impede growth on all levels.

  • Fear of failure set me on a course of living up to “others” standards and becoming overly concerned with their acceptance of me due to a fear of rejection.

  • External dependence on others for my sense of well-being caused continual emotional pain and self-doubt, which helped to create a false arrogance and a lack of humility.

  • Understanding that it is God’s love, which is constant and unwavering, finally gave me the strength to let go of the fear disguised as arrogance, and develop a true humility.

Embracing the Journey Ahead

So, here my new day begins: My thoughts for this morning are in line with Emerson’s adage of setting one’s life to the pure ideal in the mind, which will bring about beautiful faces, wise discourse, and heroic acts around one’s way, until evil is no longer seen.

I have found his thought to be true in my own life. Setting my course to the pure ideal in my mind, while continuing to persevere and remain patient and faithful, despite all outside indicators that success is unlikely to my undertaking, has (more often than not) brought about good fortune.

It helps me by remembering that success and failure are both imposters. This knowledge also keeps some of the ups-and-downs, that concerns with “success” or “failure” tend to bring to one’s life, to a minimum. “Letting go and letting God” is a revolutionary undertaking that keeps the “going” a lot smoother!

To be free of the fear of making a mistake and just allowing myself to enjoy what I am doing is evolutionary to me! Once I am able to become adept at learning the requisite skills necessary for any new endeavor, letting the process engage me, rather than attempting to take control of it, brings magic!



  1. Reflect on what holds you back and then take one step, each day, towards overcoming your fears. You will find healing in every step!

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