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"Give yourself over to the flow of faith, hope, and charity. It is then you will be given the ability to abandon the material crutches that have kept you weak.”- by J.K. Hetfeld

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The Illusion of Material Value

I learned many years ago that in the society in which I was raised, it was more likely than not one could easily, and oftentimes did, put their sense of identity and personal value into their things – e.g., the home in which they lived, the clothes they wore, the car they drove, the diploma they held, the trips they took, and adorned themselves in an environment that perpetuated the same values.

True Character vs. Material Gain

In this process, their character development became something of no account. What they could gain materially, through using or misleading others for their own personal benefit, became their way of life. In the process, they started to falsely consider themselves better than others who were not similarly situated.

That same phenomenon holds true today. The practice is still in play, even though the current economy makes this game harder to maintain. As our country becomes more impoverished, fewer people fall within that category of practiced material idolatry with gold for their God.

Lessons from My Friend Judy

I was blessed with a dear friend whose example gave me a rare opportunity to be with someone who practiced the tenets of love, peace, charity, kindness, self-sacrifice, reverence for God, and a sense of the sacred with regard to people and all living creatures on this planet.

My friend became a doctor for all the right reasons. No sense of her personal identity was motivated by her title, nor tied up in her financial wherewithal. She was rare, beautiful (both inside and out), and the last true friend I have had in this lifetime. She died from pancreatic cancer over thirty years ago.

Judy’s patients were mostly healthy young men who, through injury, were rendered paraplegic or quadriplegic, with a life expectancy of 10 more years at best. Despite the challenges she faced daily, her philosophy on life was simple and profound.

  • Appreciation of Life: "As long as you can walk, think, speak, and feel the sun on your face, you have no problems."

  • Authenticity: Her personal identity was never tied to her title or financial status.

  • Unconditional Love: Practiced the tenets of love, peace, charity, kindness, and reverence for all living creatures.

  • Spiritual Strength: She emphasized the importance of turning problems over to God and His angels.

Judy's wisdom and strength influence me every single day. Adopting her concepts has given

me the blessing of aspiring to a more meaningful path regarding my own life. For the full story about my friend Judy, read the detailed blog post here.

Embracing Authenticity

When the external and superficial is all that is valued in a society, it takes a great deal of

courage, self-knowledge and respect to abandon pride, dissolve ego, let go of the superficial

values held by others around you, and become involved in the betterment of your own

character, along with the well-being of the community in which we live, and the care for the planet which sustains all of our lives.



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